Support(No Support)

*** We are not able to provide any support for a while. *** Please ignore the following.

There’s a difference between what is considered support & customization. We can only provide support on our Osclass templates and plugins. Officially, we will not offer help on the customization of our Osclass templates. Support is provided for our Osclass templates as they are intended to function out of the box. Anything that changes the way they look or function by default is considered customization.

If time allows, we may try to help you with customization’s if they are very easy to do, involves only a few lines of code, and do not require a lot of time to complete. However, you should not count on it because we officially do not offer help on customization.

The scope of our support includes

  • Solving issues with template installation.
  • Solving template’s built-in function that does not work (i.e. popup login form).
  • Solving issues on bundled Osclass  modules (i.e. Facebook module).
  • Very basic CSS and styling adjustments.
  • Bugs fixing.
  • Fixing Osclass compatibility issues.

The scope of our support DOES NOT include

  • Customizing and modifying the template.
  • Solving on any errors relating to template customization.
  • Fixing on any broken styling as a result of template customization.
  • Adding new features or extending current available features & functionality.
  • Solving issues for Osclass modules/plugins not bundled with our template.
  • Customizing and modifying Osclass modules’ templates to match our templates’ design.
  • General Osclass support .

With every support request, we will try to respond as soon as possible and solve the issue within our first response. In cases that we cannot do that in time, please be patient. For sure, we’re trying to come up with a solution.

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